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What Door Hinge Do I Need?

What Door Hinge Do I Need?
For most applications a residential grade door hinge will be sufficient for what you need. If you have solid wood doors- or just taller heavier doors - you will probably want to go with a heavy duty door hinge.

Besides the material they are made of, there are three basic styles of door hinges:

Square Corner
1/4" Radius Corner
5/8" Radius Corner

We sell all three door hinges in a variety of finishes.

Ordering the correct hinge is essential.

Square corner hinges are simply that - square at the corners.

Radius corner door hinges are sometimes more difficult to figure out. Below are two simple tests which will assist you in determining which radius door hinge you will need.

Click on either link below to take the 1/4" Radius Corner Door Hinge Test or the 5/8" Radius Door Hinge Test to order the correct hinge.