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How To Replace Your Door Hinge

How To Replace Your Door Hinges
How to Replace Door Hinges: Probably the easiest way to replace the hinges on an existing door is to leave the door hung on the jamb(frame).

Start at the top and remove the first hinge on both the door and the door jamb. Install the new door hinge in it's place. Do the same on the middle and bottom hinge.

If you remove the door and remove all hinges and then replace them while it is not hung, it will be much more difficult to get the job done and harder to get all the hinges to align and work properly.

If you are replacing a house full of hinges to get rid of the old brass or painted over hinges, you'll want to consider using a cordless drill with a screwdriver tip.

Replacing hinges is not hard to do at all, just a little time consuming. But, the end result is a much better looking home when the door hinges match the door hardware.